Decking and Patio Lights


With good weather, people are looking forward to backyard BBQs and other evening social events. We love to have these get-togethers on our back patios and gardens. Many of us, therefore, know the importance of having adequate light.

Not having enough light can turn a festive evening into an event that will be talked about for all the wrong reasons! Solar Garden Lights and, of course, battery operated patio lights, are one of the easiest ways to insure that you and your guests get full enjoyment out of the evening.

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Do you have Solar Powered Garden Lights now?

Most back yards have a single bulb, mounted to the outside wall with a switch inside that turns it on and off. Lots of people holding a flashlight while trying to cook on the BBQ! “Hold this and aim it at the chicken” is a phrase we have heard all too often. We have even seen back patios with extension chords running along the awnings to try to get more lights to dark sections of the yard.

There is better way. It is Solar Powered Patio Lights. Solar powered garden lights can be mounted pretty much anywhere you need and have so many options and styles to choose from that it is very easy to find the perfect combination of lights to give you exactly what you need, where you need it. You can opt to install several solar lights for garden around the edge of your patio to give a soft glowing light to the whole area, providing a warm and inviting ambience. You can use bright solar garden lights to highlight other areas of your patio or garden. You can set them up to cast a multicolored glow from your patio cover or awning. You can even use them as outdoor flood lights to help to light larger areas.

The great thing about Solar Lights for Garden

The great thing about Solar Lights for Garden is that they need no external electrical supply source. Like with all solar garden lights, you need only install them so that their solar panels can receive direct sunlight during the day, and when evening comes they will switch on automatically. They come in a vast array of styles so you can mix and match them to work with your existing patio decor. Installation can usually be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

The biggest concern from consumers about using outdoor solar lights has been in the areas of cost and dependability. Over the last couple of years, however, solar technology has grown so much as to render those concerns obsolete. Solar cells have become much more efficient and much less expensive to manufacture. The integration of LED lighting has made concerns about bulbs burning out a thing of the past. With a little bit of research and some savvy buying, your patio can be beautifully lit with solar garden fairy lights and solar decking and patio lights.

Solar garden lamps. The economical and environmentally friendly solution.

Solar lamps and solar lights for the garden are the best option for illuminating those parts of the house and around the house in an economical way . With a set of garden lamps we can make our home have better visibility and security. the installation of solar garden lamps is very simple, they do not need a lot of maintenance.

Garden lighting with solar lamps

Lamps that use sunlight are becoming more and more fashionable. Architects and decorators are already using this great ecological advance and respectful of nature. Many new houses already bring this type of lamps in the gardens because they also lower construction costs by saving on electrical installation. Solar light in northern areas is sometimes more scarce but that’s why there is no problem because we can have instead of solar lights a solar photovoltaic installation that saves light, what this solar panel does is save energy in a battery to illuminate the garden or terrace and when it has no energy because the garden lights will pull conventional electric light. In a small terrace with 5 light bulbs we can save between 300 and 500 euros of electricity bill if we want to have nightlight every day of the year.

Beware the step

Most gardens have stairs or steps to certain places. On certain evenings, birthdays, or meetings, having lamps in stairwells and stairwells will be appreciated. With solar lamps we will make a garden much hairier and safer to avoid unnecessary falls. Also if we have a garage we can help us with this type of solar sensor lamps to avoid unexpected chafing. solar-powered lamps are eco-friendly and very glossy as they will not carry wires.

Solar security and streetlights

Nothing like having a house poorly lit to be the object of theft and is that we do not like to have to leave the lights on 24h when we go on vacation. Another advantage of solar lamps is that they turn on and off according to the luminosity of the environment thanks to their sensors. We will avoid robberies having solar lights since they will always remain on at night and the thieves when seeing this will decide to choose a house where there is not so much lighting. The simple gesture of buying solar streetlights can save us a displeasure.


Advantages and utilities of garden lamps.

Lighting the walls of the house, porches and entrances is highly recommended. Also thanks to the solar wall lights we do it respecting nature with renewable energy, on the other hand we save money so we kill two birds with one stone. Modern gardens are often not exempt from a deficient luminaire. In other cases they are over-lit, which has a very negative effect on the electricity bill. In these cases we can plug the lighting circuit of the garden to a solar panel so that this lighting becomes solar. Another option is to combine by means of a switch the two types of illumination conserving the solar illumination for garden and turning on the lights connected to the electrical network when we need an extra illumination . Modern solar garden wall lamps can be a great and very economical solution. Thanks to the solar garden lights we can avoid falls or tripping. Also when we go on holiday can be a good reason for thieves to opt for another house less well lit as we can leave these lights on without any fear of the electricity bill


How to install solar wall lamps?

Modern solar garden lamps are very easy to install. As they are somewhat less powerful than lampposts, they should be installed at a maximum height of 2.3 metres. Above this height the light can be too poor. If you want to illuminate a particular area there are lamps that can be installed at different degrees. For example, you may want the lamp to illuminate a road around the house or perhaps to illuminate a garage door or the house.


Before installing any type of outdoor or garden sunlight.

The first thing we need to do is make sure it is in good condition and has no cracks. Especially in this type of fixed installation in which independently of not carrying cables we must fix them to the wall. For it we will look well that the appliques are correctly sealed and that the part of the battery does not have any broken. Once we are absolutely sure that the lamp is in perfect condition we must let it charge for a couple of days for the battery to charge fully. It is highly recommended to do it especially in the first charge. Otherwise we can decrease the charging cycles and the useful life of the solar lamp. Once charged we will leave it on and test that all modes work properly for a while.


When it’s all right.

The best thing is to wait for the night and with the help of someone choose where each lamp will go. The height at which we are going to put the modern solar garden lamps is also important, so we will not have surprises if we install it by eye. We will test each zone and leave a mark with the height and place where we are going to place it. When all this ok and day we will proceed to make the drills put the plugs and screw our wall lamp.


Top sellers.


What are solar lamps for?

Garden wall lamps are sometimes better than streetlights. This is because a lamp usually gives less light. In the case of lampposts they could dazzle when placed on or near the wall. This gives an effect of reflection that does not look good in the house and can even impair the welfare inside the home to have more light falling in. however if we have a high house may need to install a lantern because we will have to illuminate more space. solar garden lamps can meet several objectives and we can usually tilt them as appropriate.

1- Improve the appearance of the house:

Having a house that can’t be seen from the garden can give an appearance of abandonment. Thanks to the solar lamps we will be able to improve the aspect of our house and that it is seen much better from outside.

2- Security:

A well-lit house is safer by avoiding tripping. Also being solar lamps a free energy lighting we can leave them on when we go on a trip.

3- Improve the appearance of the garden:

As mentioned above, this type of solar garden light can normally be configured at different angles. For what we will be able to illuminate any type of zone adjacent to the house as they can be bushes, flowerpots, sources.

4-Porch lighting

If we have a porch or a rest area can also serve to illuminate this area with total comfort. No need to be turning on and off. Solar garden lamps can be a great relief in the electricity bill and in many other respects. In addition to protecting nature we can be sure that they are a good choice for our home. I hope you liked the post.


Retro Garden Lamps or Classic Sunlight Lamps

For the more classic this type of solar garden lights are the best solution . The vast majority of this type of sunlight applications come with twilight switch that will make them turn on and off automatically depending on the light there is. The durability of this type of lamps is very good. They can last us decades with a simple maintenance. This type of lamps are usually made of plastic or aluminum. They are not usually very heavy so the installation is simple. Undoubtedly this type of lamps is the perfect solution to save on electricity consumption and be responsible for the environment.

Where do retro solar lights look good?

If your garden is a classic garden sure you can install this type of lights that will give a retro touch to your garden . You can put 2 lights of this type at the entrance of the house, some have a sensor so that they turn on when you are going to open the door. Also in areas around the house that are not very well lit. U an interesting idea is to put them at the entrance of the garage to improve the visibility of this area. This type of solar wall lights are for exterior lighting. If we have a wall it can be very good to put them around to offer a vision of this area of the garden that sometimes is a little dark. The plants in the surrounding area will be highlighted with this ecological and economic lighting.


Modern solar garden lamps

For the most modern houses this type of design is the best, with or without sensor this type of lamps usually have LED lighting that saves more energy. To buy a modern solar lamp we must look at the size and diameter . The lights with sensor usually have a system of turning off and on so that they work all night or only when someone passes. We will have to look at the use that we are going to give because some bring spectral ignition with what will turn on automatically at night and others not. Independently of all this there is a great offer of this type of lights reason why surely we will find the one that more adapts to our necessities.


Where to put modern solar lights?

This type of solar garden lamps usually have a sensor and are designed for areas of the house that need a momentary lighting. Garages entrances or rear doors will be safer and better illuminated with this type of solar garden lights. This type of lights can be adjusted so that instead of the light jumps by sensor they have a total illumination reason why they can also fulfill the function of being turned on all the night if we need it. A very interesting solution for gardens and houses with a modern touch that want to improve outdoor lighting economically and ecologically.


Solar lamps for garden corridors and paths

The solar path lights for the garden are better to illuminate these transit areas and have them well lit, much more if you have steps. In addition to leaving a beautiful corridor at night it will be much safer to walk through it. To enjoy a beautiful garden is economic and respectful with the environment. Save with these solar lamps for corridors and roads and boast a great garden. This type of ecological and sustainable lighting will make your guests copy you safely.


Why put solar lights on our roads?

Walking down a lighted corridor in a beautiful garden is very pleasant. It is also safe because we avoid unnecessary stumbling, especially when it rains or when it is cold. This type of lighting for all types of gardens makes the beauty of the corridor intensify. there are many types of paths in the gardens, some are made of wood, sand, stone or plants. Regardless of which path leads from the garden to your home or different areas of the garden with these solar lights multiplies the beauty. there is a very wide range of garden lights for corridors or paths, whatever you can find that best suits your garden.


The best modern solar garden wall lamps 2018

The modern gardens with white walls and beautiful colours are taking a lot of prominence in the architecture. This type of gardens are beautiful with modern solar garden wall lamps that give a sophisticated style to our place of the most beautiful and natural house. The solar garden lights work thanks to a small solar panel and a battery, usually charged in about 3 hours in full light and 6 or 7 without much light and gives us for approximately 10 hours of night light. In this post I bring you the best solar wall lights for modern gardens. Wall lamps are usually smaller than street lamps although many times they are confused even many wall lamps can also be lamps, in this entry I present some wall lamps.


Solar street lamp for wall LBELL

These modern solar garden lamps in the form of street lamps are one of the favourite and most popular with all those who use them. It is a small spotlight with great illumination and it has several types of illumination. It can be configured with a motion sensor to turn on when passing, we can also configure it with the light intensity sensor. This sensor will make it turn on automatically at night and turn off at dawn. It comes with everything you need for your installation and has a powerful white light. It is smaller than it looks in the picture, look at the description. These modern solar garden lamps have a polycrystalline solar panel which makes it 22% more efficient than the solar panels of other brands of solar garden lights. 34 bright leds, is waterproof and very good materials. It is also very good option for small terraces and porches as they have an ideal size for these cases. By carrying motion sensor can also be used to illuminate passageways entrances etc …

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Solar Security Lights 34 LED Motion Sensor Wall Lights 4-in-1 Waterproof Solar Powered Outdoor Bright Light 450 Lumens Wireless Lamp with 2200mAh Rechargeable Battery for Garden Yard (634-1)
  • 【Smarter Motion Sensor Modes for Security】: The new version solar security lights has four intelligient modes: 1/4 Lumens, Half Lumens, Human Induction+Dim Light, Human Induction. You can choose the perfect mode according to your diverse needs.
  • 【Ultra-Bright LED Security Lights】: The security solar light is far brighter than other similar lights on the market. The duration is about 6 Hours due to the battery capacity is 2200mAh. It provides max-brightness illumination for security and safety protection for your property all night.
  • 【Eco-Friendly Solar Wall Light】: The solar wall lights converts solar power into electric energy to flood light your outdoor place every night without paying anything. Power saving and environmental protection.
  • 【Waterproof+Durable Security Lights】: As this solar light is designed to be used outdoors, so it may be exposed to rain, in order to improve the product life, we use the IP65 ABS plastic housing, and enhanced the UV protection. Therefore this solar security light is more durable and waterproof.
  • 【Wireless+Easy to Install】: Just rang it on anywhere you need it to be, or use screws to mount the device. To get the best exposure to sunlight, make use of the expand stents, charge faster, expand the illumination area, or directly take down the light for night use.


Qcy a high-power modern wall solar spotlight

It has a powerful lighting and is very easy to install as well as waterproof and durable. This sunlight lamp also has four lighting modes, with sensor, on/off according to outdoor lighting (Day-Night), dim lighting and bright lighting. It is a beautiful solar garden light that also performs its function perfectly. The total charging time is 8 hours but when charged it has a duration of 12 hours. That is to say with 5 or 6 hours of load we will have light all the night of sobra. This solar garden light stands out for its powerful lighting thanks to its 36 LEDs. LEDs are the most effective way of solar lighting because they consume less and also last about 10000 hours. With this we can forget to change light bulbs for about 10 years in addition to the energy and economic savings we get Thanks to these modern solar garden lamps.

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Solar Light Spotlight with 30 LED Sensor Wall Lamp, 360 Degree Rotatable IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Garden Light for Yard, Street, Gate, Patio
  • 30 Super-bright LED Light: Double lamps on the two sides of the spotlights with 7 LED lights and 16 led light in the middle. Can flexibly illuminate every corner.
  • Intelligent Modes Solar Lamp: Build-in sensor motion, it can detect up to 26ft away, range 120 degree, dim light+sensor mode, turn on for 30s after the motion detected, then dim light.
  • IP65 Waterproof Solar Light: ABS durable material and IP65-Waterproof feature. It is waterproof and weather resistant for all kinds of severe weather.
  • 360 Degree Rotation: Multi-joint rotatable design, solar panels and lights can rotate 360-degree rotation. It can be independently flexibly rotated, adjust any angle you want.
  • Easy Installation: Invisible pinhole switch and install the garden wireless spot light on the wall by screws. Perfect as garden yard lawn patio landscape light.


Modern aluminum alloy solar wall light.

7 W power, charge in less than 6 hours, 36 LED lights and 4 modes of lighting like the others this solar focus for wall stands out for its strong and durable finish made of aluminum. Undoubtedly a very option to take into account for its strength, is waterproof and highly recommended for areas of strong winds. This modern solar wall garden lamp has IP65 protection which makes it totally resistant to dust and water. It lasts all night without any problem and looks great for modern gardens. It is also one of the best options if we live in humid areas or the solar focus can be exposed to constant or strong jets of water, no doubt one of the best modern solar garden lamps you can find.

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2019 New Solar Lights Outdoor 1100lm 46 LED 4500mAh Aluminum Alloy Outdoor Lights Infrared Motion Sensor Waterproof Led Solar Lights for Garden Yard Street Front Door Outside Lights-Warm White Light
  • HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM ALLO SHELL: Licwshi outdoor solar lights have passed the FCC certification. It's sturdy but lightweight, IP65 waterproof anti-corrosion and durable than other normal plastic lights, no matter the temperature is heat or rain.
  • SUPER BRIGHT&LONG WORKING TIME:Update high quality lamp beads and a powerful 4500mAh 3.2V lithium iron phosphate battery will illuminate 60m² easily, sensing range of 5-10m(17-33ft) with a 120°sensing angle.
  • 4 INTELLINGENT MODE OPTIONAL: Compare with other 3 mode solar lights, Licwshi solar outdoor security lights have 4 working modes, especially emergency mode to cope with urgent usage scenarios. Perfect for home using, even on RV.
  • FAST CHARGING & EASY INSTALLATION: Only takes 6 hours to fully charge. Very simple installation, no worry about it! Please install the solar light towards sunlight in order to get a better charging.
  • WHAT YOU GET: You can choose between the model with 6000 K cold white or 4000 K warm white lighting. 90-day money-back guarantee and 18-month parts and labor warranty.



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