How many lumens do you need for outdoor solar lighting?


The future of LEDs is together with solar lighting a reality. Most people who have a garden wonder if they have not already changed the lighting to solar spotlights and lanterns . The reasons among others is the economic savings and low environmental impact of this type of energy. Thanks to LED lighting by a small battery can illuminate a large space for a long time. Currently, LED lights have evolved from the first with a white or bluish glow to a wide variety of incandescent and warm options.

Whether you are interested in improving the quality of lighting in your garden or saving on your electricity bill, when we set out to buy solar garden lighting we should think of lumens . The outdoor lighting requires different types of light power, the number of lumens you need to illuminate the outside of your home depends on the area we want to illuminate.

A lumen is simply a unit of measure of visible light. When buying solar garden lights, understanding the light output in lumens is essential. We can summarize it in that, the more lumens, the brighter. If you are looking for a solar spotlight to illuminate a high tree you will need more lumens.

How do lumens compare to watts?

Watts and lumens measure two different things. Voltage measures the amount of electrical energy consumed by the bulb. That$0027s why in incandescent bulbs we could estimate the brightness of light based on how much power it required.

Lumens, on the other hand, measure actual brightness, no matter how much power is needed. Buying a light based on lumens is actually a more accurate way to determine brightness than buying a light based on voltage.

Does higher voltage mean brighter light?

No. Not anymore. A long time ago, conventional logic dictated that a bulb with a higher voltage would produce brighter light but today, this is not the case. Fortunately, advances in modern lighting allow us to produce more light with less energy. A 23-watt LED, for example, can produce the same amount of light (or lumens) as a 100-watt incandescent.

LED lighting (lumens) replaces classic (watts) in solar lights

As energy and power improvements evolve, voltage becomes irrelevant when it comes to determining the brightness of a light. Voltage never quite predicted the brightness of a bulb that also depended, for example, on the thickness of the wire. Now that we are using solar energy in a smarter and more efficient way, we have to get used to measuring light power based on lumens to know which bulb we should buy.

Are outdoor LED lights bright enough?

Whether it$0027s saving money on electricity, or owning an environmentally committed home, many people have already decided to buy solar garden lights for their outdoor lighting, saving thousands of euros on their electricity bill.

As most of us are still used to thinking about light power in terms of watts, in this table we can see an idea of the average lumens we need to illuminate exteriors and know what type of sunlight we should buy.

Average lumens for outdoor lighting:

LED recommended outdoor light LED lumens

    • 700-1300 Security Projectors
    • Shed lights 150-300
    • Lamp posts 120-180
    • Landscape Reflectors 120
    • Outdoor path lighting 100

How many lumens are needed for solar illumination of roads or trails?

Generally, path lighting is used as a safety light to improve the visibility of the area , but without requiring a high brightness. These lights are very useful as well as decorative, solar garden lighting has been greatly modernized in this type of lights with a variety of designs and a great duration. For this type of solar lights with 100 lumens will suffice. 100 lumen is more or less equivalent to the power of a 20 watt bulb.

How many lumens are needed for landscape lights?

Landscape lighting varies in brightness. Solar garden floodlights are typically used to accentuate shrubs, ornaments or architectural parts; these types of spotlights range from 100 to 300 lumens . When we want to accentuate a shrub more discreetly as decoration even with 50 lumens in some cases will be enough if it is not very large. Solar landscape lights usually have intensity regulators so we can easily adapt them to the needs of each area.

The best part about using solar lighting outdoors is that anyone can install them! Because they don’t need to be wired, you don’t need to hire an electrician or buy complicated tools to do the job. Many solar garden lights can be installed in 5 minutes

LED outdoor solar lights continue to improve in quality, durability and, of course, brightness. LED solar lights offer you clear and attractive illumination for your outdoor spaces – they also save energy and money! The future of LED lumens and solar energy is already here. By getting used to measuring light intensity by lumens, you can quickly determine the best lights for your home and yard.

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