Outside  Lights

Out of all the solar outside lights available, one of the easiest to install are solar pathway lighting. These are lights that you use to light up you driveway or walk ways. Usually solar pathway lighting are self contained units that you just take out of the packaging and stick in the ground. What could be easier?

Here our selection of Solar Outside Lights and Pathway Lighting

A couple of things to consider first before you buy a pathway lighting

First of all, you want to make sure that the locations you have chosen for your lights are accessible to sunlight. If not, you will need to get lights that have a separate solar panel that you can place in a sunlit area, or they will not charge enough to give off light at night.

The second consideration is the type of lights. Solar pathway lighting are a little different from other types of solar lighting, like solar outside lights with sensor, in that they are designed to point the light downward towards you path or driveway. If you accidentally get accent lights and hope that they will light up your walkway, you will be disappointed. They will not put out nearly enough light. There are some solar accent lights that you can use to cast a glow on your walkways, but “cast a glow” is about all they will do. Be sure you think about how you want the lighting to look, so that you know the exact type of light to get.

The third consideration is the quality of the light. Do your research. Make sure the manufacturer uses quality solar cells and LED bulbs. Check the “lumens” to make sure they put out the right amount of light. Here is a tip for you. Check the lumen rating for a solar light that you like. Then go to the “flashlight” isle. Most flashlights tell you the lumens and offer you the ability to test the light in the store. Check out the flashlights that have the same lumen value as the solar path lights that you like. That will give you an idea of whether or not it will put out enough light for your application.

Other than that, just stick them in the ground and watch them work. Easy!