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  • RETRO STYLE & GORGEOUS PATTERN - The unique retro metal appearance creates an antique style with beautiful hollowed-out pattern, a wonderful garden decor for you. When it is lighting up which projecting warm white lights and wonderful lantern shadow of flowers and butterfly patterns that create a visual enjoyment and a pleasant atmosphere.



These solar lantern garden lights are a great way to light up your yard or garden. Each individual light covers a 1 square foot area. These lights are weather proof and will last for years. They are easy to turn on and off and don’t require any wiring. These solar lantern garden lights charge during the day and automatically come on at night.

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If you also use solar lantern garden lights with remote control, you can turn them off whenever you want or, in some cases, reduce the intensity of the light. Most models include 3 light modes: Medium Light Mode Without Sensor, Dim Light Sensor Mode, Sensor Mode to meet your demands. If you like to sleep with the blinds raised, put the solar lantern garden lights in dim light or dimmed light is an excellent solution for when you no longer need so much clarity on the outside.

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solar lantern garden lights charge up during the day (so make sure they have an uninterrupted view of the sky rather than in the shade), and release their pent-up energy as light after dusk.
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